Lou Gouaille: Tjeerd Veenhoven studio in Groninger.

Internship abroad [summer 2021] DSAA Design, Product design (school year 2020-2022)




I chose to do my internship in the Netherlands in order to explore the specificities of the Dutch vision of design. Thus, I was able to deepen my knowledge of material design, continuing the construction of my professional project.
When I arrived, I was impressed by the open-mindedness within the Tjeerd Veenhoven studio's staff, which allowed me to quickly integrate. Today, my work at the studio revolves around very interesting and varied projects from experimentation for research into a new material based on palm leather to the design of products using them.
This internship abroad is also an opportunity for me to develop my command of English, at the same time as I discover Dutch culture.
By choosing this experience, I find myself in the place of a material designer that I plan to achieve, all in a new environment, which makes the adventure all the more stimulating!




This internship was possible thanks to the financial support of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.