Mathilde Galy : XVLAB in Castellon.

Internship abroad [summer 2022] DSAA Design, Graphic design (school year 2021-2023)




I did my internship at the VXLAB studio, a graphic design studio specializing in the interior design industry. VXLAB is located in Castellon de Plana in the east of Spain. For 2 and a half months I had the opportunity to confront the perspective of a graphic designer within a studio and to respond to concrete requests from clients. I had the opportunity to create several visual identities, complete others and work on an editorial model of a book.
I wanted to do my internship abroad to open myself up to other cultures and other graphic landscapes, Spain was a country that had attracted me for several years, which is why I I decided to focus my internship search in this direction. Castellon de Plana is a city twice the size of Rennes but with half as many inhabitants, however, relatively dynamic, despite the slow period of summer. This city is 25 minutes by bus from the coast which allowed me to enjoy the calm water, typical of the Mediterranean with its summer temperature.
This internship was an experience very rich in encounters and very educational both in the social and professional dimension. Despite a cruel lack of relationships within the studio and this fairly sustained pace, I still appreciated the responsibilities and the trust that I was given, by confronting myself with the reality of the profession to consider the different issues, limitations, and advantages. All of this allowed me to refine my professional goals and ambitions.
This internship abroad was a very good opportunity for me to regain confidence on the one hand in my abilities as a graphic designer, when my proposals were chosen to present to clients and on the other hand from a point of view in terms of exchange and relationships, since I finally regained the confidence in my English that I had lost, while making further progress. A human experience, very rewarding and professionally very educational, thanks to the Erasmus + assistance, without which, I could not have afforded it, I came out grown, full of ambitions and very grateful!





This internship was possible thanks to the financial support of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.