William Mallender: Jos Klarenbeek in Amsterdam.

Internship abroad [summer 2023] DSAA Design graphic (school year 2022-2024)




I completed my internship in the city of Amsterdam over the course of four months from mid-July to mid-September. During that time I joined Jos Klarenbeek in his studio located in the east (Oost) of Amsterdam. I have wanted to go to the Netherlands for a while and my particular interest in Dutch design and creative philosophies made it the top choice for an Internship. I was familiar with Jos’ work as an independent designer for some time before my internship, his use of data and past collaborative projects with Aliki van der Kruijs were the main reasons for me spontaneously applying for an intern position at his studio.
During my time in Amsterdam, I worked on diverse projects, including a publication for the project Solid Flow and a visual identity for the studio. I was confronted with a few challenges such as how to convey and translate a studio’s vision visually, as well as through a publication synthesising a complex process bridging scientific and artistic practices.
My stay in Amsterdam was a rich and fulfilling one, both culturally and socially. I was able to become more of a “local” then I would have been if I were to experience Holland as a tourist. The initial feeling of grandeur of Amsterdam soon becomes familiar and closer, as you get to know the (sometimes identical) streets and gather your bearings the city welcomes you and feels more homely. The countless green spaces were one of my favorite characteristics of the city, and I spent as many evenings in the sun reading or relaxing as I could. However, said evenings were somewhat limited this “summer.” I also had the opportunity to spend a few days-out in other Dutch cities such as Rotterdam and Tilburg.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Netherlands and I can easily see myself living there in the future, whether that is the near or far future is yet to see. And I would like to thank Jos who's kindness and openness made moving temporarily to the Netherlands even easier and more enjoyable.






This internship was possible thanks to the financial support of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.