Lisa Ladent: Onomatopee in Eindhoven.

Internship abroad [summer 2021] DSAA Design, Graphic design (school year 2020-2022)



I did my internship at Onomatopee, an independent publishing house and exhibition space in Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands. I was integrated into the small Onomatopee team where I worked on editorial models of books and the preparation of an exhibition in contact with local authors and artists.
I wanted to go to the Netherlands to meet new people and discover the local culture. Located close to the Belgian and German borders, Eindhoven is a very student city with a rather surprising cultural mix where most of the inhabitants are bilingual.
This internship was very educational, I discovered a new, more experimental and free way of working. I really enjoyed working cross-functionally with the artists and the Onomatopee team, particularly on the poster for the exhibition by designer and artist Giuditta Vendrame.
Daily life was punctuated between cycling, living in a shared flat with 5 people, the internship and trips to the surrounding Dutch towns on weekends (despite the rain!)
Eindhoven has both traditional Dutch streets and more industrial and dynamic neighborhoods. I was very excited and impatient to start this new experience.
Spending these two months in Eindhoven was very enriching, I met some great people (both during the internship and in daily life) which allowed me to assert myself personally and professionally. It was a great experience that I recommend without hesitation!







This internship was possible thanks to the financial support of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.