Marie Fourment : Macedo Cannatà in Porto.

Internship abroad [summer 2022] DSAA Design, Graphic design (school year 2021-2023)




I did my professional internship at the Macedo Cannatà studio. A graphic design studio specializing in publishing and identity, set up by Maria Macedo and Dario Cannatà — one of the creators of the visual identity of the city of Porto. I was integrated into this team where three other young people were employees. Thanks to this internship I was able to work on the preparation of an exhibition for a museum in Guimaraes or even think about identity ideas for new projects.
I was able to discover a new way of working and understand teamwork, the exchange and cross-fertilization of ideas. But also work freely, since the missions intended for me really allowed me to express myself and propose my ideas to the team. This internship was immersive from every point of view, since we moved studios at the end of the period. I was therefore able to discover behind the scenes of an organization like this, the problems, the new developments...
This internship allowed me to understand a variety of projects – serious, classic, offbeat or even festive – confronting me with the constraints of the target and the sponsor which sometimes determines the graphic choices we make.
Porto is a dynamic city welcoming a lot of people in the summer. Doing an internship in Portugal is enriching because of its culture but also certain events like the Feira do Livro — a book fair taking place over two weeks in the Jardim do Palacio de Cristal. The country has a very broad culture with cities, architecture and atmospheres that are different from each other. A great opportunity to learn and travel at the same time.
This internship abroad ended up being an opportunity for the language, not always easy but allowing you to be more comfortable speaking and to gain self-confidence.




This internship was possible thanks to the financial support of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.