2021 September the 23th

Conference, talk

Patrick Thomas

As a great admirer of K.Malevitch, Patrick Thomas came from Germany to present his practice of graphic designer. Also a professor in Stuttgart, his research practice and teaching revolve around the economy of means and the module. Furthermore, he carries out a commissioning activity where he makes his creative research available to the sponsor. For example, he used his work on module combinations for the identity of Abbey Road Studio.

Attached to tangible objects, Patrick Thomas distinguished himself during this conference in his collection practice. This exercise often concludes with the digitization of the recovered signs. For example, with this iconographic material he superimposes text, frame and image in short animations exploring the relationships between analog and digital.

Following his speech, the students were able to ask a few questions. He was able to develop his ethical aspirations and despite his great mobility around the world, Patrick Thomas is careful not to take a plane. The designer has a major role for him: to educate his clients on environmental issues.

Patrick Thomas, at Brequigny school, during his conference.

A few images of his graphic productions.